Welcome to the Angulo Lab

The Angulo Lab investigates the Chemistry of Biomolecular Recognition, with a mission to facilitate an understanding at atomic resolution of biologically relevant biomolecular interactions, as well as biomaterials, from the structural and dynamics viewpoint. To that aim, the lab generates novel biophysical approaches based on NMR and Computational Techniques. A particular focus is on interactions and biomaterials involving glycans (Structural Glicobiology).

Research areas

– Structural characterization of Ligand-Receptor interactions by NMR Spectroscopy

  • Carbohydrate-Protein interactions. Carbohydrates in drug-delivery.

  • Drug-carrier interactions

  • Ligand-based NMR for “in-cell” ligand-protein interactions

– Structure and dynamics of biologically active small/medium-sized molecules

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RedMat: http://redmat.iiq.us-csic.es/

RedDat: http://stdrdweb.streamlit.app/



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